Remember Inconvenient Truth- A Look Back

So I couldn’t help thinking the other day about the Al Gore documentary that came up about 8 years ago call “The Inconvenient Truth”. I wanted to delve into it a little bit more and get a jist of what has happened since then. In the least post apocalyptic way of doing so, this post will discuss what has happened in the last 10 years environmentally, and what kinds of… Read Article →

Thrill Of The Hunt

I have recently thought about Hunting, and its current impact on the environment Do we really need hunting today? It’s a tough thing- let’s explore… Hunting is something that made humans what they are today- we had no choice evolving, but to become hunter gatherers. We would forage for naturally occurring meals that were tested over time to be edible obviously- we would pick things like nuts, berries, fruits, vegetables…. Read Article →


Just wanted to thanks Mr. Irving for the incredible writeup. He is an incredible person when it comes to experiencing the outdoors to its fullest. It is our first guest post here and we really appreciate it. He will be back again in a few months to talk about survival tools, methods and gear that he uses. hHe also knows a thing or two about hunting  and fishing… Thanks again!… Read Article →

Enter Mr. Irving

Hey guys Steve here! I know you have talked about my backstory. So I want to get right into the future. I love the environment, that is clear to tell… I watched the republican national debate last night (yes from my cabin and I only have 1 TV with limited stations )- I was horrified by the sheer lack of talk about our environment, as I’m sure many other democrats… Read Article →

The Best Part About Wyoming- Prelude To Steve Irving

My good friend Steve, another current Wyoming resident, is a modern day poet. I have lived here for 10 years, but Steve has been here for about 25 and he moved when he was 25. Steve grew up in Schenectady, New York. He had a great life, and and even more fulfilling childhood. his dad was an investment banker, so his family always had money. His dad owned his own… Read Article →


I couldn’t help but bring up the state of Wyoming recently in a conversation with my good friend Chris Papps. He mentioned that he may be trying to move their soon , to do some greenpeace and other service work. It was a great idea I said. I’d know him for years, and knew that he’d enjoy solitude and service work that is needed out in Wyoming- roaming the range,… Read Article →

Welcome To Wyoming!!!

Fairly Soon here, Our organization will be posting oodles of information about our beautiful stat of wyoming and we will share travel tips… Reach back out soon as well!! Thanks, Oscar And The Wyoming Lodging Team